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Boosting Investment Property Revenue with MortgageDesign means using smart loan plans to make more money from rental properties. It involves choosing the right loans, refinancing at good times, and making smart moves to grow your income and property value with the help of Mortgage Design’s customized advice. Maximizing returns on your investment property requires strategic planning. Here are 4 key strategies:

1: Refinance for a better interest rate

Refinancing for a better interest rate with MortgageDesign means getting a new mortgage to replace your current one, but with a lower interest rate. This can save you money by reducing your monthly payments and overall interest costs. MortgageDesign helps you find the right refinancing option that suits your needs and financial situation. Whether it’s lowering your interest rate, changing your loan term, or switching to a fixed-rate mortgage for stability, they’ll guide you through the process to help you save money in the long run.

2: Consider an Interest Only Loan

An Interest Only Loan is a special kind of loan where you only pay the interest part for the first few years, without paying off any of the actual loan amount. This means your payments are smaller at first. But after this period, you have to start paying back the actual loan too, which can make your payments go up a lot. It’s like paying only the minimum on a credit card at first, then having to pay more lately. This type of loan can be good if you think you’ll make more money later on, but it can also be risky because you’ll end up paying more in total.

3: Alternative uses for the property

Finding new ways to use buildings and land is about being creative and making the most of what we already have. Instead of just using buildings for one thing, like offices or stores, people are thinking of cool, new ways to use them. For example, turning old office buildings into homes or making empty spaces into gardens or places for art. This is not only smart because it saves money and resources, but also makes neighborhoods more interesting and lively. Plus, it’s good for the planet because it means we don’t have to build as much new stuff. So, thinking of different ways to use properties helps everyone and makes our cities better places to live.

 4: Make your rental pet-friendly

Make Your Rental Pet-Friendly” helps renters who want to live with pets. It says to talk to homeowners first and follow the rules in your lease. It suggests giving info about your pet to show it’s responsible and safe. Tips include finding places that allow pets and keeping your place clean. It also says to train your pet well and handle any problems quickly. The goal is to help renters and pets live happily together while following the rules.

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