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Property Investment

Finding Financial Independence Through Property Investment

Investing in property is the first step towards having a more secure financial future. For many New Zealanders, owning an investment property plays a key role in their plans for wealth creation – whether purchasing a single property to generate a secondary passive income or growing a portfolio to expand.  

Using MortgageDesign’s lending experts, we can help you develop a personalised investment plan. When creating this plan, we consider your current investment portfolio (if you have one), your future financial objectives, and any possible opportunities that will enhance your financial security.

We take care of everything from mortgage research all the way through to finalising settlements so that you can focus on other investment opportunities.

The MortgageDesign team are investors themselves, so we’re well placed to help you through the process of buying your first, second or tenth investment property!

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Why Property Investment?

The difference between an investment property and an owner-occupied home is that an investment property generates an income.

Property investment can yield significant returns for savvy buyers from both the rent paid by tenants and the property increasing in value (capital gain).

While having a savings account and Government pensions are useful ways of securing your future, investing in property can be key to achieving financial independence.

Receiving regular rental income means you don’t always have to rely on your salary, protecting you and your family against any unforeseen circumstances. On top of that, with housing prices rising every year, having an extra property set aside for your children ensures they get a foot on the ladder.

The Importance Of Planning

When it comes to property investment, the amount of planning you put in will determine how successful of an outcome you get.

Property investment can be a highly beneficial opportunity, but there can be risks involved. Establishing an investment strategy that works for you and your future is key.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, you’re wondering if you should refinance or refix your lending. Where do you begin? We’ve broken down some of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand your way around refinancing and refixing.

Generally, it’s more difficult to borrow money for a rental property than for your own home. Many lenders have lower lending limits for investment properties and, as with any home loan, they will look at what you can afford to repay.

However, you shouldn’t let this put you off! Investing in property is often much easier than you think and can reap excellent rewards for many years to come.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you begin your property investment journey.

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